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Public view started from 11th November 2012.
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Sri Mithilesh Mishra
PM Poshan Director
Bihar Text Book, 1st Floor, MDM Building, Budh Marg
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To bring efficiency in midday meal programme in schools, the government is working on a Web based model to get regular feedbacks from school principals and other stakeholders about its implementation ...more
IVR System
Most populous state in India, Bihar, is experimenting with IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) system to monitor implementation of Mid Day Meal scheme. After mobile phone boom in India, telephone connectivity has reached almost all villages, small towns in India. Outbound IVR makes outgoing to calls automatically during midday to teachers of primary schools and prompts to enter number of students present on that day. Their response is recorded using DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) or telephone keypress and recorded in government website automatically. This interesting outbound IVR application is implemented by Parahit Technologies ltd. ...more
Mid Day Meal Website
Welcome to the Official Website of MDM - Mid Day Meal - Join Our Revolution!!! ..more
Dopahar An initiative of Bihar Goverment ...more
We are trying out a new approach for e-Citizen and we would like to seek your inputs. ...more
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